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Bacteria like Staph and MRSA can live for weeks on home surfaces and objects. Other types of bacteria can survive for several months unless removed or killed.


The Safe, Non-Toxic MRSA Disinfectant

PureGreen24 is on the list of disinfectants that meets the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) and EPA criteria for use against these pathogens.

Protecting your home or office from Staph and MRSA on surfaces is a critical component of proper hygiene. MRSA and Staph bacteria can live for weeks on counter tops, door knobs, toys, furniture, sporting equipment, TV remotes, keyboards... and the list goes on and on.

Most disinfectants are not only ineffective at killing MRSA and Staph bacteria, but they also make you MORE prone to getting infected in the long run. Continual exposure to the hazardous, toxic chemicals found in most disinfectants and cleaners weakens your immune system, leaving you more prone to recurring infections.


Bleach and other chemical disinfectants contain toxic ingredients that can weaken your immune system.


Standard Cleaners Can't Kill MRSA

There is a big difference between a cleaner and a disinfectant. Only a disinfectant is specifically designed to kill MRSA and Staph bacteria. Cleaning agents are for removing dirt and keeping things 'clean', whereas disinfectants are for killing harmful bacteria that live on surfaces in your home or office.

As a microbiologist, Michelle knows that cleaning agents are no substitute for a disinfectant. Hand washing and good personal hygiene are definitely important and they require safe and effective soaps and cleaning agents. But when it comes to killing bacteria on surfaces in your home, the strength of a true disinfectant is needed to kill MRSA Staph. But most disinfectants on the market have major drawbacks, as you'll see below.

The Downside of Bleach and Chemical Disinfectants

The most common active ingredients in disinfectants on the market are either toxic ammonium compounds or diluted bleach. Although these disinfectants can kill MRSA and Staph, kill claims for these products only apply when used in high enough concentrations. The downsides of bleach includes the following:

  • Standard Clorox bleach is NOT rated to kill MRSA by the EPA. Only professional grade bleaches, such as Ultra Clorox Germicidal Bleach, have a MRSA kill rating.
  • Bleach must be diluted to 5.33 oz per gal water for optimal disinfecting.
  • Bleach solutions require protective clothing and gear to apply safely.
  • Bleach must be applied for 2 minutes and then rinsed.
  • Areas cleaned with bleach must be aired out due to toxic odors.
  • Bleach stains, corrodes and damages fabrics and other materials.
  • Bleach in water solutions lose their effectiveness after 24 hours.
  • Disposing of bleach is troublesome and environmentally unfriendly.

Even if all the proper steps are closely followed to prepare, use and dispose of bleach, bleach in water mixes have no EPA kill claim for Community Associated MRSA. Most other leading disinfectants have no rated MRSA kill time, can be flammable and toxic, are not safe around children or pets, require rinsing, and compromise your body's immune system over time.


PureGreen24: a safe, effective and non-toxic EPA certified MRSA disinfectant.


PureGreen24: Michelle's Trusted MRSA Disinfectant

Staph and especially MRSA bacteria are just too strong to be killed by cleaners. And most disinfectants are either too toxic, too difficult to use, or not proven to kill MRSA. PureGreen24 is a disinfectant Michelle trusts that meets all of the important criteria for controlling MRSA or Staph in your home:

  • PureGreen24 kills MRSA, CA-MRSA and Staph within 2 minutes of application, unlike others that require 10 minutes or more.
  • Unlike most disinfectants, PureGreen24 does NOT weaken your immune system and is free from health risks.
  • PureGreen24 is pet and child-safe and can be used on children’s toys and sports equipment with no rinsing.
  • No toxic chemicals, non-corrosive, odorless and fragrance-free.
  • No mixing, no rinsing, no stains and no expiration date.
  • One application of PureGreen24 provides 24 hour surface protection for Staph, MRSA, Salmonella and E. coli bacteria.
  • Meets School System and Office Building Green standards.
  • PureGreen24 is the first disinfectant to receive Green Clean Institute Certification and requires no EPA warning label.

Laboratory test results for Staph, MRSA and dozens of other household germs.


Laboratory Tested

Testing shows that PureGreen24 kills the most deadly superbugs, viruses and everyday household germs. Download the PureGreen24 Fact Sheet in Adobe PDF format here: PureGreen24 Fact Sheet

How is PureGreen24 shiped and how long does shipping take?
Orders will be processed and shipped within 24 hours, M-F. All orders are shipped in the United States via UPS Ground. UPS shipping times average 2 to 4 days.

Can I order PureGreen24 products outside the United States?
Because the products are liquids and therefore heavy, the cost of shipping outside the United States is high. If you want to order outside the U.S., please email us and indicate where you live and what you would like to order and we'll contact you with the shipping fees.

How much disinfecting can I do with one bottle of PureGreen24?
A 32oz bottle will disinfect approximately 900 square feet.

How do I order more than one type of PureGreen24 product?
Once you select the product you want and click on the "add to cart" button for that product, you can increase the quantity of that product inside the shopping cart. If you want to add another product to the cart, simply return to this page and click "add to cart" to add another PureGreen24 product.

I'm having trouble ordering, can you help?
Yes. Please email us by clicking here and tell us the problem or question you have. We'll respond as soon as we can.

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Value Pak

The Value Pak contains two 32 oz trigger spray bottles and one gallon jug for refills. Perfect for individual or family use.

12 pounds shipping weight

Price: $65.95 plus $18.30 Shipping (USA Orders Only)

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Family Pak

The Family Pak contains three 4 oz travel size pump spray bottles, one 32 oz trigger spray bottle and one gallon jug for refills. Perfect for family use.

12 pounds shipping weight

Price: $67.95 plus $18.30 Shipping (USA Orders Only)

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Institutional Pak

The Institutional Pak includes two gallons (2 gallons), six 32 oz trigger spray bottles (6 bottles), plus 10 Microfiber cloths. Includes a free bonus pack of 5 additional Microfiber cloths and one 4 oz personal spray bottle. Ideal for offices, hospitals, doctors offices, nursing homes, schools and other institutions.

Price: $169.95 includes FREE Shipping (USA Orders Only)

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Case of Gallons

Case of gallons (4 jugs). Best option for more affordable refills and large area cleaning.

Price: $159.96 includes FREE Shipping (USA Orders Only)

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