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MRSA Secrets Revealed: A Complete Healing and
Prevention Program for MRSA & Staph

MRSA Secrets Revealed

This program gives you the complete set of tools and remedies you need to address your infection, symptoms and the underlying causes of any type of MRSA or antibiotic-resistant Staph infection. It also provides safe and non-toxic methods for cleaning and prevention.

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The MRSA Secrets Revealed Program™
By Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore is a Microbiologist and internationally known expert on alternative remedies and complementary treatments for Staph and MRSA infections. MRSA Secrets Revealed, available since 2008, is sold in 38 countries and is now in its fourth updated and expanded edition.

This program (including a 214 page book, two guidebooks and an online training and resource area) gives you the complete healing tools you need to overcome your Staph or MRSA infection.

What’s In The Book?

MRSA Secrets Revealed identifies and addresses the painful symptoms, treatment challenges and the underlying causes of these infections, including:

  • Skin infections, sinus and nose infections, cellulitis, painful boils, internal infections and more (the immediate symptoms of infection).
  • Hidden “stealth” MRSA and Staph bacteria (biofilm and “l-forms”) that hide from antibiotics and cause recurring infections, and methods that weed them out.
  • Alternatives to antibiotics for specific infection types (skin, nose, sinus, etc), including essential oil blend protocols for critical and moderate levels of infection. Additional details are included for children, pregnant mothers and the elderly.
  • Remedies that enhance and complement mainstream and antibiotic treatments, speeding recovery, decreasing side effects and increasing your chances of success.
  • Recurring infections and secondary infections, including Candida (yeast) infection, viral and other bacterial infections or new outbreaks of MRSA (common after having Staph or MRSA or from using antibiotics).
  • Systemic damage caused by these drugs, including diarrhea, rashes, stomach upset, liver toxicity or congestion, weakened immune system, etc. (the frequent consequences of taking these commonly prescribed but dangerous drugs).
  • Common healthcare oversights, pitfalls and errors that delay treatment, slow recovery and can make infections worse or lead to other health problems (testing errors, improper treatments, finding qualified doctors, etc.).
  • Harmful foods, ingredients and cooking methods that worsen infections (not just sugar but many other foods and ingredients that feed MRSA and weaken your body), plus specific foods that speed recovery.
  • Prevention and infection control measures to reduce the risk of spreading or catching these infections at home, in healthcare facilities or on the go (hygiene, wound care, cleaning, disinfecting, laundry, etc.)

After 4 years of struggling with recurring infections, followed by nearly a decade of research, experimentation and feedback from people who stopped their infection (for more than just a month or two), Michelle learned there were 3 key steps that nearly everybody with MRSA or Staph needs to take to recover and prevent recurring outbreaks.

After healing herself from resistant Staph sinus and other infections (she has been 100% drug-free and infection-free for over 12 years), Michelle Moore made her healing steps and methods available to help others who suffer from these debilitating infections.

Michelle’s 3 Step Infection-Free Method

MRSA Secrets Revealed provides detailed instructions and treatment plans to heal all types of Staph and MRSA. The focus is on using safe, effective and scientifically-proven remedies along with or instead of antibiotic drugs. For those who choose to take antibiotics (or have used them), important tools are provided to get the right antibiotics, make them work better and to lessen their dangerous side effects. Here’s is a brief look at Michelle’s three healing steps found in Chapter 13:

Step 1: Stopping Any Active Infections

The first step begins with powerful enhancing and alternative remedies that can quickly kill Staph and MRSA bacteria without taxing the body. The strongest remedies for each type of infection are presented, plus special remedies used at therapeutic levels for critical or life-threatening cases. Her protocol using three broad-spectrum essential oil blends is introduced. The importance of testing, how to get tested and how to work with your doctor to get the right treatments are covered in detail. Key foods that feed infections are replaced with healthier options that help replenish your body.

Step 2: Repairing the Damage Antibiotics and Bacteria Inflict on Your Body

Step 2 begins with methods to reduce several common antibiotic side effects and repair the damage these drugs do to your gut, friendly gut bacteria and your immune system, including the use of probiotics. Key vitamins and minerals and foods that speed recovery are presented, along with diet changes that help expel infection. Remedies to avoid and reverse scars and scaring are also given.

Step 3: Preventing Future Outbreaks

The final step includes tools to address secondary yeast, fungal or other infections which are very common after MRSA and Staph and especially antibiotic use. Key immune-boosting herbs, vitamins and foods are presented that reduce inflammation, help enhance the body’s natural defenses against infection and work synergistically to accelerate recovery. Safe and effective cleaning, hygiene and infection control measures are also detailed to keep infecting bacteria under control in your home, office and in the community. Non-toxic cleaning methods are highlighted as toxins damage your health and your protective bacteria that guard you from infection.

” If I had an active case of MRSA, my first pro-choice decision would be to read “MRSA Secrets Revealed”. I consider it the best resource tool I have seen with respect to MRSA. This book has saved lives in my opinion and it will continue to do so.
If you are a parent concerned about all the cuts and scrapes children are exposed to, you owe it to yourself to get this book.”

- Dr. Lawrence Sosna, ND, PhD, HHP

You can be assured that when you follow Michelle’s 3 Step Method, you are in good hands. Her natural healing method and accompanying remedies have been praised by respected Naturopathic and Medical doctors and other medical professionals across the US.

If you implement her three steps, completely without skipping any steps, you will join over 16,000 others who have benefited from the fastest and most complete alternative treatment program for MRSA and Staph available.

365-DAY MRSA FREEDOM GUARANTEE: If you purchase this Program and find it is not helpful, you can always email or phone Michelle for a prompt, hassle-free, 365-day guaranteed refund!


What else is included in the Program?

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About MRSA by Michelle Moore

10 Questions to ask your doctor

(Printed guidebook, 15 pages, valued at $12) If you want to get rid of MRSA or Staph infection, finding the right doctor and knowing how to get the most benefit from your doctor is critically important. Knowing your doctor’s strengths and weaknesses and what questions to ask your doctor will help you to get the best medical care and avoid the hidden pitfalls of the healthcare system. Includes a checklist you can use when visiting your doctor.

Preventing Healthcare and Hospital MRSA by Michelle Moore

Hospital Prevention

(Printed guidebook, 12 pages, valued at $12) Many people entering health care environments end up getting MRSA infections – even visitors! Receive your step-by-step guide to protecting yourself and your family from hospital infections. Includes steps to take before and during hospital stays and also covers controlling airborne MRSA which is common in medical facilities.

Members Only Area & e-Course by Michelle Moore

Members only area

Michelle will personally guide you through her 3 Step Method and healing protocols via an email e-course. You’re also entitled to free and immediate access to her online Members Only area which will give you the additional tools and support for your recovery:

  • How-to videos in which Michelle covers her 3 Step method
  • Interviews with health professionals on MRSA, Staph, natural remedies, children, pregnancy and more
  • Michelle’s recommended natural remedies and products
  • Naturopathic and professional network who have MRSA and Staph experience (for those looking for additional support)
  • Fast-start guides for using essential oils, powerful medicinal blends, and immune enhancing products


MRSA Secrets Revealed: A Complete Healing and Prevention Program for MRSA & Staph

The MRSA Secrets Revealed Program™ is available in both printed or electronic download format. Choose from the two options below. Michelle’s support emails and members area links and resources arrive via email.

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365-Day MRSA Freedom Guarantee

If you purchase this Program and find it is not helpful, you can always email or phone us for a prompt, hassle-free, 365-day guaranteed refund!


Customer Feedback and Reviews:

“…my daughter can now go to school and not be in any pain”

Melissa and daughter“Hi Michelle. I’ve used the antimicrobial blend on my child and myself and it took about 2 days to work. The first sign of a boil I would cover it (following your method) and let it sit there over night and reply again until it had brought the boil to a head and popped and healed. The [method] worked very fast…

It’s been five months now and so far my daughter who is now 3 and myself have not gotten anymore boils.

Last year she had to miss half of the school year because it was so bad. I’m so thankful because now my daughter can go to school and not be in any pain.

And thank you again for your book and helping people like my daughter and myself when the doctors could not.”

- Melissa M., Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA*


“…This mom and dad are so grateful to you.”

“Our son has had four hip surgeries in three years. After the third surgery, he began having recurring infections. He begin having diarrhea and digestive issues… all the while having been on antibiotics. Last fall he started to have more severe abscesses. That is when I found your website… and hope. I downloaded your books and started on your protocol.

He has had NO recurrence of ANY boils or abscesses or major pimples of any kind. He is one happy camper!

I have been extremely impressed with the customer support you provide with your emails, interviews, and web seminars. Staph is a scary thing, and this mom and dad are so grateful to you for arming us with a potent weapon to fight it. Thank you again… and again!”

- Lora, TX USA*


“…Your book has become like a bible to me.”

Megan and family“Your book has become like a bible to me as we have battled Staph infections in our family. We have been at the mercy of the vicious cycle of antibiotics but we are getting free now thanks to you!

I am thrilled with the results of the herbal product you recommended. It is easy to administer, and the cost is affordable compared to some other alternatives.

My family has suffered from re-occurring staph infections. In particular, my daughter has had several this summer and that is what inspired me to purchase the herbal product. I decided to treat it topically as well as internally. The infection cleared within a few days!”

- Megan and Family, Florida, USA*


“…I bought your e-books yesterday, after some deliberation.”

“I bought your e-books yesterday, after some deliberation, as some e-books I have bought are not worth the money.

However, yours is different. Some of the best information I have ever seen. Thank you!”

- Leo S., Queensland, Australia*


“I was very close to death… thank you for writing your book.”

Kylee and baby“Hi Michelle ~ My name is Kylee. I was infected with MRSA through my IV in the hospital in June 2008. I was in the hospital to have my first baby. I ended up in the emergency room a week later with a very serious MRSA infection.

I was very close to death. By the grace of God I am here writing this email to you. I want to thank you for writing your book.

I was up against a wall with Western medicine and then I found your information online. I believe that by implementing many of your ideas from the book I was able to build up my immune system and recover. Thank you for creating the book to help others”

- Kylee K., Eau Claire, WI, USA*


Click the link for more reviews and success stories.


MRSA Secrets Revealed: A Complete Healing and Prevention Program for MRSA & Staph

Printed Program $47

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Digital Program $37

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(*) Testimonial Disclaimer: Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As all health issues have inherent risk, our information and testimonials are not intended to infer or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Click here for our full testimonial disclaimer


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Medical Disclaimer: Michelle Moore is not a doctor or healthcare practitioner, but she is someone who overcame many health obstacles that traditional medicine could not solve. This information is based upon Michelle Moore’s scientific research, education and personal experience and it is for educational purposes only. Information in this web site has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This information is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition. When choosing a healthcare provider do your own research to ensure they are right for you.

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