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3 Keys to Stopping Stubborn Infections

Most people are taken completely by surprise when they find out they have Staph or MRSA. The first thing they often do is search the internet to see what they’re up against and to find a cure.

But the truth is, these infections are too tough for gimmicky quick-fix schemes and cures. Different types of MRSA (such as bone, skin, nose or pneumonia) often require different treatments. And more than just treatments are usually needed to stop MRSA and Staph and keep them from coming back.

Michelle Moore’s 3 Step Infection-Free Method™

Michelle's 3-Step Method

Here’s how Michelle stopped 4 years of recurring infections and has remained infection-free for the last 10 years:

Step 1: Stop your current outbreak using potent remedies tailored to the type of infection you have and enhance the effectiveness of your antibiotics.

Step 2: Restore your energy and speed your recovery by reducing the damaging effects of bacteria and countering the side effects of your antibiotic drugs.

Step 3: Keep the infection from returning by boosting your immune system and pushing out biofilms and stealth bacteria hiding in your body.

Step 1 – Different types of MRSA require different remedies

remedies for infection

There are many potent complementary remedies strong enough to fight these infections.

Skin, nose, and internal infections are different and require unique approaches for the best results. Different people also have unique treatment needs. Children, infants and expecting mothers can require specific remedies, or may need to adjust their remedies for safety.

If you’ve spent any time looking for a MRSA cure, then you know there’s a lot of conflicting information about antibiotic drugs, herbs, essential oils, pH products and others. Unfortunately, many remedies are touted as one-size-fits-all cures that are supposed to work for everyone and every type of infection.

In reality, most natural remedies just don’t have the strength to fight superbugs like MRSA. And not every antibiotic drug or powerful alternative remedy will be the best choice for everyone. That’s why you want an approach that you can adjust to best suit your needs. You also want to know which treatment options are backed by hard science and how to use them with children, adults and different kinds of infections.

Step 2 – Staph and MRSA bacteria can cause long-term damage to your body (and so can antibiotic drugs)

Bacteria resistance from biofilms

These greatly magnified bacteria (green shapes) are covered by a protective biofilm coating (tan color). Biofilms can render many therapies ineffective, especially antibiotics.

Bacteria leave behind toxins and harmful by-products in your body long after the infection has ended. Fighting off an infection is also exhausting, stressful and takes a lot of energy. All that lost energy can hinder your ability to get well.

These bacteria can also hide inside your body as L-forms and biofilms. These so-called “stealth” bacteria can lie dormant for years, leading to reinfections. While antibiotics may stop your initial infection, they don’t work well against L-forms and biofilms. In fact, some antibiotics cause L-form bacteria to develop in your body. On top of that, some types of cancer are being connected to chronic infections.

Despite their benefits, antibiotic drugs can cause nausea, pain, rashes and many other negative side effects, some of which can last for a long time. One of the worst side effects of antibiotics is how they can weaken your immune system. This can leave the door wide open to future outbreaks, secondary yeast infections and other chronic diseases down the road.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help your body heal faster. There are techniques available to counteract the damage done by infecting bacteria and methods to curb the side effects of antibiotic drugs. There are also improved ways to heal scars that have a proven track record of success.

Step 3: Half of MRSA sufferers struggle with infections that keep coming back

Stopping the infection is one thing – keeping it from coming back is quite another. Even the most powerful treatment may not keep MRSA or Staph from coming back in the future. Ignoring this fact is an easy way to get trapped in the downward cycle of recurring infections.

Quick relief for your current infection is very important and the obvious first step. But if you only follow Step 1, there’s a very good chance you will become infected again later. Step 3 is how Michelle broke the cycle of multiple infections and antibiotics.

Ending the cycle means helping your body be naturally resistant to infecting bacteria. Fortunately, there are supplements, dietary changes, herbal antibacterials and immune-stimulating foods that help your body resist future outbreaks as well as long-term strategies to become free from MRSA for good.

A comprehensive treatment program should cover helping your body be naturally resistant to infection. Your immune system is your strongest weapon against the growing number of superbugs in hospitals, homes and in the community.

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Get the complete picture

Get the full pictureMichelle developed the 3 steps in her MRSA Secrets Revealed Program to give you a complete yet flexible solution to increase your chances of success. Her 3 Step Infection-Free Method™ goes way beyond basic remedies and treatments. Her program shows you how to enhance your antibiotic treatments, supercharge your recovery and ward off reinfections using science-based methods and personally tested techniques. Her program can be easily adjusted for children, the elderly and for each type of MRSA or Staph infection.

If you want all the tools you need, then take a good look at our MRSA Secrets Revealed Program. You won’t find a more complete approach anywhere.


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