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“If not for your book I know I would still have MRSA.”

“I had major surgery and came home from the hospital with MRSA. I was admitted to the hospital and given intravenous antibiotics and sent home with more antibiotics. The wound was not closing. My husband found your book and immediately ordered it. He began reading what to do. I am finally beginning to feel the real me coming back slowly. If not for your book I know I would still have MRSA. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for publishing this wonderful book.” *

– Gwen, Drums PA, USA

“I was very close to death… thank you for writing your book.”

“I was infected with a MRSA infection through my IV in the hospital to have my first baby. I was very close to death. I was up against a wall with Western medicine and then I found your information online. Thank you for creating the book to help others. By the grace of God I am here writing this email to you. Thank you for writing your book.” *

– Kylee K., Eau Claire, WI, USA

“10 days following your methods and it was gone completely”

“I am a nurse assistant in a hospital and had a cut on my finger and it ended up getting infected with MRSA. Doctor put me on a sulfa-based antibiotic, and I ended up in the emergency room because of an allergic reaction. I got another finger infection and… another allergic reaction! A total of about 10 days following your methods and it was gone completely! I told another CNA I work with of my experience – she had tried your methods on her baby and it worked. We are all so thankful for this revelation.” *

– Janet, Strawberry Plains, TN

“My daughter can now go to school and not be in any pain.”

“I’ve used the antimicrobial blend on my child and myself and it took about 2 days to work. It’s been five months now and so far my daughter who is now 3 and myself have not gotten anymore boils. Thank you again for your book and helping people like my daughter and myself when the doctors could not.” *

– Melissa M., Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA

“Your book is worth a great deal more than I paid”

“You give such a well-rounded approach to fighting MRSA in a concise, easy to understand and informative format. I have just referred two people to your website. I have remained MRSA free for 3 years now because of your book. This is a great blessing, and, truly, I have never felt better in my life!” *

– Eileen R., Knoxville, PA, USA

“Within three days the infection was gone!”

“Your book not only helped with my MRSA infections but with my overall health. I have gotten one infection in my ear and two in my nose, I used the oils and within three days the infection was gone! Without stumbling across your book, I am not sure I would be in as good of a place as I am! Your emails and follow ups are also awesome, shows you really care and are not just trying to make a buck!” *

– Shalon, TX, USA

“I’ve been recommending your book to my medical colleagues”

“I can’t thank you enough for your book. My body is responding to the alternative ingredients you talk about. I’m using your research and information to build back up my body, immune system, and other damage that the antibiotics did. I’m feeling much better and my infection is responding. I cant thank you enough for the book.” *

– Doctor Bob, PhD, CPP

“your book took away a lot of my worries.”

“Your book has been very helpful and took away a lot of my worries. I just hope others will follow your information and use it to recover as fast as I have. Thanks again.” *

– Wendy B., Jacksonville, AL, USA

“Your book saved my life and my quality of life!”

“When my son got MRSA, I was devastated. I also got MRSA 8 years ago. I went through 10 days of IV antibiotics and it still did not go away. This book, to me, is like a bible to follow for your health. It is worth its weight in gold, and I highly recommend it to all! I am doing very well, and am in full remission. Many thanks for the book!” *

– Karen B., Temecula, CA, USA

“I can now hold my grandchildren again.”

“I got MRSA near the nail bed of my left index finger. Incredible pain and anxiety were my constant companion. Your wonderful book saved my sanity and gave me all the knowledge I needed and a balanced perspective. The worst part was never being able to hold my grandchildren again for fear of infecting them. Then in September, my doctor did a nose swab test and the results were negative for MRSA. I now allow myself the thrill of holding my grandchildren. Thank you and God bless you for your work!” *

– Mary M., Albuquerque, NM, USA


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