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Success Stories
from MRSA Secrets Revealed Customers and Professionals

“…the principles in your book saved my life and my quality of life!”

karen b's story“When my son acquired MRSA, I was devastated. I had also gotten it 8 years ago form my first sinus surgery (hospital type).

Of course I went through 10 days of IV antibiotics, Vancomycin (one of the strongest) and it still did not go away.

Reading this book about MRSA by Michelle just struck home to me. After all the research I have done, these principles are what saved my life AND my quality of life!” *

– Karen B., Temecula, CA, USA


“Your website was the first thing I had found in hundreds of internet searches that seemed ‘genuine’ and not a scam…”

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“I had worked in a hospital for 17 years, taken care of HA-MRSA patients many times. It was two years later that I realized I had CA-MRSA.

First was a boil on my thigh, second was one on my face, corner of my R jaw, just below my ear. It was a bad one, tried to go into cellulitis and I ended up taking my Clindamycin for about 2 days to get it under control.

BUT I HAD HAD IT – after three years of fighting these boils. I had also been on antibiotic therapy almost continuously for the last 4 years… and was stressed beyond belief physically, emotionally. I knew I had to make a drastic change as I knew eventually this cycle would kill me. I was determined not to stop until I found something that made sense.

This is when I found your website (there were hundreds, promising to “get rid of your MRSA at last”) most of them scams to take your money, but your site was the first one that actually offered realistic help).

In fact you gave many suggestions to people freely and honestly. It was the first thing I had found in hundreds of searches that seemed “genuine”. So I took the chance and ordered your book… and it is changing my life!

I have been following just about every recommendation in your book for 2 months now and feel better, have had no outbreaks… Using the methods in your book and in 4-5 days it is completely gone. For the first time in years I am feeling healthy and getting energy back.

All I can say is THANK YOU for your book, for your dedication to this. I look forward to your emails, Thank you again for your “gift” of knowledge and concern and care for so many of us who are struggling with this.” *

– Linda, Registered Nurse, USA


“Your book has become like a bible to me…”

Megan and family“Your book has become like a bible to me as we have battled Staph infections in our family. We have been at the mercy of the vicious cycle of antibiotics but we are getting free now thanks to you!

I am thrilled with the results of the herbal product you recommended. It is easy to administer, and the cost is affordable compared to some other alternatives.

My family has suffered from re-occurring Staph infections. In particular, my daughter has had several this summer and that is what inspired me to purchase the herbal product. I decided to treat it topically as well as internally. The infection cleared within a few days!” *

– Megan and Family, Florida USA


“I was very close to death… thank you for writing your book.”

Kylee and baby“Hi Michelle ~ My name is Kylee. I was infected with MRSA through my IV in the hospital in June 2008. I was in the hospital to have my first baby. I ended up in the emergency room a week later with a very serious MRSA infection.

I was very close to death. By the grace of God I am here writing this email to you. I want to thank you for writing your book.

I was up against a wall with Western medicine and then I found your information online. I believe that by implementing many of your ideas from the book I was able to build up my immune system and recover. Thank you for creating the book to help others” *

– Kylee K., Eau Claire, WI, USA


“…my daughter can now go to school and not be in any pain”

Melissa and daughter“Hi Michelle. I’ve used the antimicrobial blend on my child and myself and it took about 2 days to work. The first sign of a boil I would cover it (following your method) and let it sit there over night and reply again until it had brought the boil to a head and popped and healed. The [method] worked very fast…

It’s been five months now and so far my daughter who is now 3 and myself have not gotten anymore boils.

Last year she had to miss half of the school year because it was so bad. I’m so thankful because now my daughter can go to school and not be in any pain.

And thank you again for your book and helping people like my daughter and myself when the doctors could not.” *

– Melissa M., Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA


“…I would never be able to hold my grandchildren again”

Mary success story“It began last spring… I got the infection near the nail bed of my left index finger.

I went to the ER and was given bacitracin… I was given meds for the incredible pain. Three days later the doctor called and said I had MRSA. From that point on, anxiety was my constant companion.

Over the next two months, my finger got worse because of the bacitracin, which I am apparently allergic to. A specialist took a look at it and was worried that the infection had reached the bone. I began daily IV antibiotic infusions.

When I got MRSA, I went to my computer and found your wonderful book and it saved my sanity and gave me all the knowledge I needed to help me get a balanced perspective on the issue (as opposed to just a western medicine perspective).

The worst of this whole ordeal was I would never be able to hold my grandchildren again for fear of infecting them.

Then in September, my doctor did a nose swab test and the results were negative for MRSA. I now allow myself the thrill of holding my grandchildren.

Please share my story. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you and God bless you for your work!” *

– Mary M., Albuquerque, NM, USA


“This book has saved lives…I highly recommend MRSA Secrets Revealed…”

Doctor Larry Sosna ND“I am delighted to highly recommend the excellent book “MRSA Secrets Revealed” by Michelle L. Moore. Michelle is a dedicated Scientist in the field of Microbiology. I also consider her an excellent healer who understands the vitality and potency of combining natural medicine with hard core science.

If I had an active case of MRSA, my first pro-choice decision would be to read “MRSA Secrets Revealed. I consider it the best resource tool I have seen with respect to MRSA. This book has saved lives in my opinion and it will continue to do so.

If you are a parent concerned about all the cuts and scrapes children are exposed to, you owe it to yourself to get this book. Michelle has made it easy to read which is a real gift when one considers how most scientists tend to write.” *

– Dr. Lawrence Sosna, ND PhD HHP, Florida, USA

Dr. Lawrence Sosna, ND has helped people with MRSA for 11 years. He works and lives in South Florida as a consultant to Medical Doctors, Scientists, Naturopaths, and health educators.


“It took maybe a week to rid the infection…”

“I came down with a virulent staph infection inside my nose a couple of months ago. I do not know how I got it, but suspect being around young children as much as I am, it transferred to me and it was not pleasant. I began treating it (following one of protocols outlined in “MRSA Secrets Revealed”).

It took maybe a week to finally rid the infection completely. It is gone and hasn’t come back.” *

– C. Andrew, Vacaville, CA, USA


“…I highly recommend you get MRSA Secrets Revealed.”

Dr. Judi Gerstung, Natural Health Expert“If you have MRSA or a Staph infection, I highly recommend you get “MRSA Secrets Revealed”. It is a well done and complete resource covering conventional and alternative medicine options for MRSA and Staph infections.

The information contained in this book undoubtedly illuminates the root cause of bacterial infections and provides a complete road map for your optimal health.” *

– Dr. Judi Gerstung, D.C., Loveland, CO, USA

Natural Health Expert, Author and Radio Talk Show Host


“…a quality product with good information.”

“Wow, thanks for writing this book. I finally got a chance to read through a lot of it tonight and I am thoroughly impressed by all the information. Backing up a little prior to the purchase; I was also impressed by the website as well…

Based on the site, I felt as though I would be purchasing a quality product with good information. Obviously, I did. The follow-up emails are a nice touch, I appreciate it.” *

– Will, Texas, USA


“…the most comprehensive MRSA Resource I’ve ever seen”

Karen D“This is the most comprehensive MRSA Resource I’ve ever seen. The alternative treatment options cover all the bases anyone would ever need.

Everyone who is concerned about MRSA or Staph infections needs to invest in this book” *
– Karen Dimmick CHt, PhD(c), CO, USA


“Your book has helped so much!”

Pat's story“Hi Michelle….Just wanted to say thank you for all your info. I ordered your book awhile back. My husband has MRSA and his hospital stay was a nightmare so I knew I had to try to get control of it myself.

Your book has helped so much! As long as I keep his immune system built up he does okay. When something does pop up I use several of the natural antibacterials you talk about and it seems to put it in reverse. I also have him keeping his immune system built up. Please stay in touch.” *

– Pat H., Aulander, NC USA


“…I’ve been recommending your book to all of my colleagues including general practitioners…”

Dr Bob story“Hi Michelle, I can’t thank you enough for all the information in your book MRSA Secrets Revealed. I really feel my body is responding to the alternative ingredients you talk about.

I’m using your research and information to build back up my body, immune system, and other damage that the Medical Antibiotics did that were given to me.

By the way the antibiotics were given to me IV every 6 hours for 6 days. The interesting and sad thing was, they were so strong after just one dose the IV spot that the meds were put through caused such damage to the tissue in the area I could only receive 1 dose at a time. A new IV line had to be placed in my arm somewhere within that 6 hours. A pic line was right around the corner, only after my suggestion, when 1 time it took 9, yes NINE sticks to get the IV properly started. All because of the IV antibiotic tissue damage.

I’m following the information, I’m feeling much better and my infection is responding. I will keep you advised and I cant thank you enough for the book…

I will stay in touch your friend in health.” *

– Dr. Bob, PhD, CPP

PS – I’ve been recommending your book to all of my colleagues, including general practitioners who work with MRSA and Staph infections.


“…your book took away a lot of my worries.”

“I wanted to thank you for your book, it has been very helpful and took away a lot of my worries. I just hope others will follow your information and use it to recover as fast as I have. Thanks again.” *

– Wendy B., Jacksonville, AL, USA


“…your book is worth a great deal more than I paid…easy to understand and wonderfully informative format.”

Eileen success story“I am SO pleased with this book. It is worth a great deal more than I paid, now that I’m getting into it.

The boil I got started to scare me and was starting to make me sick. My physician did a culture and that’s how we knew it was MRSA. I am feeling so encouraged by what I am learning with this book.

You give such a well-rounded approach to fighting MRSA in a concise, easy to understand and wonderfully informative format.

I would recommend your book to anyone looking for solutions for MRSA. I really hope that more people fighting this infection will find your web site and buy this book. Thank you so much.” *

– Eileen R., Knoxville, PA, USA


“…thanks to you MRSA has not returned.”

Grace success“I’ve worked with doctors all my life and know what’s out there. You said it all when you encourage everyone to take charge of their lives and be informed. Thanks for your inspiration. You are very appreciated.

More recently Grace wrote in:
I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your help in my situation. The book was very informative and exactly what I needed to know. I’m doing very well and the wound is almost healed WITHOUT antibiotics. I’m spreading the word and hope many people will get on the bandwagon and get really healthy without drugs. I thank God for people like you!

We just heard from Grace again in May:
How nice to hear from you. I am doing well and thanks to you MRSA has not returned- and I am thankful! I am always interested in anything you suggest, because I trust you. Thanks and good wishes to you.” *

– Grace K., Seal Beach, CA, USA


* Testimonial Disclaimer: Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. The customer testimonials used are often exceptional results and don’t apply to the average person. As all health issues have inherent risk, our information and testimonials are not intended to infer or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Click here for our full testimonial and results disclaimer.

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“I should have ordered your book when I first saw it”

Kim's success story“I’m a writer and I have done HOURS AND HOURS of research of medical reports, documents, websites for natural methods, message boards, you name it. Literally days and hours… MRSA Secrets Revealed is the most comprehensive set of OBVIOUSLY well informed and well thought out information I have seen yet.

After just one round of antibiotics not working AT ALL, I was not about to put myself through more grueling weeks of being weak, tired, unable to eat, sickly, and non-functional to try other antibiotics and the same depressing non-results…

It has been exhausting… I began to get depressed and struggle every day with a sense of fear that one day it was just going to get out of my control entirely.

I have not seen ANYTHING as comprehensive and informational as your book… I look forward to updating you with my excellent progress.” *

– Kim P., Aliso Viejo, CA USA


“I bought your e-book yesterday, after some deliberation…”

“I bought your e-book yesterday, after some deliberation, as some e-books I have bought are not worth the money.

However, yours is different. Some of the best information I have ever seen.

Thank you.” *

– Leo S., Queensland, Australia


“This is the real deal. This is the answer.”

“I began having Staph outbreaks under my armpit area continuously for months. I was taking loads of antibiotics. I had to keep visiting clinics to have my boils drained. It was the most horrific experience I have ever had to endure. The pain was unbearable! This continued for 1 and a half years until I finally about had it with western medicine practices. The antibiotics were making me feel horrible. I felt as if I was dying. I was losing hope.

I purchased your book and read the entire thing. My diet has always be very good but I was not paying much attention to the oils that you mentioned in your book. The turning point came when I began to break out on my legs and armpit. I became depressed until one day I finally used the antibacterial oil blend. I applied the oil on a boil and covered it up. Well to my surprise, the boil began to get smaller each day and within a week it was gone. I have not had an outbreak for eight months! Yes I had a small scar but it was actually gone!

This is the real deal. This is the answer. I hope that someday I can be an actual spoke person for this amazing oil because I am living proof that this product really works. Plus I am only 25 years old. You have saved my life so I owe you.” *

– Matt G., Texas USA*


“Bless you for all your hard work.”

“I have just purchased your literature for my granddaughter. Bless you for all your hard work. Thanks!” *

– Carol T., Fort Myers, FL, USA


“Your book has been a real epiphany for me…”

“First, let me say a very heartfelt “thank you!” for the effort you put into your book. …I have had MRSA for four years. After five outbreaks last year, two that sent me to the ER, with one requiring hospitalization for IV antibiotics, I was becoming discouraged to the point of depression.

Following the suggestions in your book, I have not had an outbreak since May 2010 (sadly, that’s a long time for me)… Your book has been a real epiphany for me, and my whole family. I can’t thank you enough.

Again, I want to thank you for sharing your research with the rest of the world. You have been a healer, a great blessing, to many. May God bless you!” *

– Jamie C., Waukee Iowa, USA


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* Testimonial Disclaimer: Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. The customer testimonials used are often exceptional results and don’t apply to the average person. As all health issues have inherent risk, our information and testimonials are not intended to infer or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Click here for our full testimonial and results disclaimer.

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