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What can you do to stop the reinfection cycle?

What can you do when your treatments stop working and even your doctor doesn’t know what else to do? If you’ve been battling recurring Staph or MRSA infections, then you know how frustrating, tiring and overwhelming these infections can be. It’s easy to lose hope when you’ve tried everything but still can’t get rid of the infections.

Unfortunately, hope is something that you’ve probably found in short supply from the healthcare system. If you’re lucky, your doctor has experience treating MRSA and Staph. And if you’re really lucky, your doctor gives you personalized care and has experience with complementary and natural treatments. Unfortunately, many doctors have little experience treating antibiotic resistant infections. And personalized care is hard to come by in the healthcare system.

For recurring infections, most doctors can only prescribe more antibiotics and hope for the best. Many MRSA sufferers are told by their doctors there’s nothing more they can do. It’s a shame that valuable alternative options are so hard to get from your doctor. As you’ll discover in this section of Michelle Moore’s website, there a several reasons doctors are not taught integrative and natural medicine and are discouraged from using alternative remedies. But you have healthcare options you may not be aware of.

Thankfully, some doctors have broken out of the restrictive mold of the healthcare system to provide a whole new level of care. That higher level of care is exactly what you need if you’ve been struggling with recurring MRSA or Staph infections. There are also actions you can take to help stop the cycle of recurring infections and root out the bacteria hiding inside your body.

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You’re not alone walking down this scary road. Michelle has been down that road herself and found a way to break the cycle after 4 years of recurring infections. Many others have also broken the reinfection cycle using the methods on this website.

This section of the website will answer your questions about why MRSA keeps recurring and how you can stop reinfections. You’ll also learn how to get better healthcare and make the most of your doctor. The navigation menu on the left will give you knowledge and solutions to help you stop the cycle of recurring infections for good.

Stopping the cycle of recurring infections

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