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The Immune Boosting Foods & Recipes™ e-book contains a full selection of recipes and foods specifically chosen for their immune support properties. Discover specific foods and ingredients that strengthen your immune system and enhance your body’s self-healing ability.

The recipe book includes 45 simple and delicious immune-supporting recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks, sides and more. Save time, money and frustration at the grocery store with the grocery shopping checklist.

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Simple and Delicious Immune Support Recipes that Speed Recovery from Infections

Immune Boosting Recipes and Foods by Michelle Moore
After struggling with ineffective Staph treatments for 4 years, Michelle Moore began to search for ways to stop her infections through research and trial and error. She learned about the healing power of foods and nutrition and has been free from infections for the last 12 years. Michelle made her healing foods, recipes and cooking methods available to help others who suffer from infections.*

The Missing Link for Recurring Infections

The body’s immune system is a key reason many people repeatedly struggle with MRSA and Staph. The foods you eat (and how you prepare them) have a big impact on your immune system and thus how well you resist and heal from infections. While some foods help support healing, others actually weaken your natural defenses and make it harder to get better.

An immune support diet is the easiest, fastest and most economical way to guard against getting another infection. The key to eating an immune boosting diet is to eat more foods with the phytochemicals and nutrients your body needs to restore and maintain optimal health. Equally important is avoiding foods which harm your healing and invite reinfections.

Inside the Recipe eBook

Immune Boosting Recipes & Foods has detailed instructions and methods for finding, storing and cooking foods for optimal infection support. Easy to follow recipes covering a range of foods, diets and preferences are included. Inside your discover:

  • Specific foods and ingredients that strengthen your immune system and enhance your body’s self-healing ability
  • Simple, nutritious and great-tasting non-vegetarian, vegetarian and raw food recipes with immune support ingredients
  • 45 simple & delicious immune-supporting recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks, sides and more
  • How to tell in 10 seconds if a food will support your immune system or not
  • Ingredients to absolutely avoid if you want to stop recurring infections
  • Powerful immune support ingredients to look for in the foods you buy
  • 10 ways to cook with infection-fighting and immune-enhancing essential oils
  • The truth about organic foods – which foods are worth buying organic and which ones are not
Order Immune Boosting Recipes and Foods and also receive the Grocery Checklist for free

Grocery checklist

Save time, money and frustration at the grocery store with these convenient, printable and easy-to-use grocery shopping checklists.

Take these checklists with you to the grocery store. Included are checklists for healthy food ingredients to look for and ingredients to avoid on food labels. There’s a checklist showing which fish contain mercury and other contaminants and which fish are safer for you. You’ll also see which foods are most important to buy organic and how to reduce your grocery bill without sacrificing quality.

Success Stories

“My whole life I have been confused about nutrition…”

kasey's testimonial“I’m soooooo jacked about the information I have learned from you!

My whole life I have been confused about nutrition – Way toooooo many choices… thank you for stepping up to the plate… I already FEEL a great sense of renewed immunization power! I will share this information with those that are ready to listen. Thank you!” *

– Kasey H., Ohio, USA

“Just boosting my immune system was the trick”

“In my opinion, this is the only info available that really works. I suffered from many surgeries, high doses of antibiotics that I was allergic to, fevers constantly and lethargic states, it was a nightmare. You literally saved my life… Just boosting my immune system was the trick. Who would have thought it could be so easy?

I wish the best for you, and I look forward to hearing from you always. I am looking forward to more recipes from you.” *


– Melody P., California, USA



Speed your recovery from infection with healthy, healing and delicious foods

e-Book Immune Boosting RecipesGet your copy of Immune Boosting Recipes & Foods, plus the free Grocery Checklist guide, 100% risk-free today. 76 pages, valued at $27.99.

  • Recipes and foods specifically chosen for their immune support properties
  • Quick, simple and delicious recipes to boost your immune system
  • Easy to print out your favorite recipes
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • Electronic e-book download, NOT a printed book


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Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

GuaranteeI am so confident that you will enjoy making and eating these recipes and experience more energy and better quality of life after using Immune Boosting Recipes & Foods, that I will give you four months to read and act on the contents of this e-book.

If you are not absolutely satisfied with your program, just ask for a refund within 120 days and you’ll get a prompt and hassle-free refund.

I have yet to see ANYONE who actually USED the material in the Program fail to show improvement. So why wait… jump on this opportunity and change your life as I did.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a printed version available?

Immune Boosting Recipes and Foods is only available separately in an electronic, computer downloadable format. However, a printed version is available as part of the printed Advanced Recovery Program.

What kinds of recipes are in this book?

There are many selections to choose from for snacks, breakfast, lunch, soups and salads, entrees, desserts, smoothies, drinks and condiments. This is a very well rounded book to get you started down the road to healthy, tasty and infection-fighting foods.

Is this one of those weird raw food, vegetarian books with foods that I wouldn’t eat?

Michelle wrote this recipe book to match the varied interests of many people. If you are new to “healthier” eating, it has many wonderful recipes you’ll like such as Caribbean French Toast, Cuban Black Bean Soup, Herb Baked Salmon, and Brown Rice Pasta Alfredo. It also will help you as you grow into different types of foods with vegetarian and raw food recipes that are amazingly good and taste like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m sensitive to gluten. Are there gluten-free recipes included?

Food sensitivities can drain the body’s energy and immune function and promote infection. Michelle kept that in mind when writing this book. However, if you find a recipe contains a product containing gluten, it can easily be substituted for a gluten-free alternative.
* Testimonial Disclaimer: Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As all health issues have inherent risk, our information and testimonials are not intended to infer or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Click here for our full testimonial disclaimer.

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