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Sick and No Solution

When I began having recurring infections, I thought getting rid of them was simply a matter of finding the right antibiotic to cure me of the infection.

I got more and more frustrated as antibiotics made my infection go away for a while, only to return again in a few weeks or months, followed by more antibiotics.

All these antibiotics took a big toll on my stomach, my strength and my immune system. I was sick to my stomach with nausea, caught colds more easily, lost time from work, lost weight, and I felt my energy and quality of life slipping away.

Now I certainly didn’t mind losing some weight, but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

The worst part was, I felt helpless and scared and I just didn’t know what else to do. My trusted medical doctor didn’t have any answers for me either, other than prescribing different antibiotics.

My biggest mistake ever

The biggest mistake I ever made was to keep trying the same treatments over and over again for so long, always hoping for a different result.

The downward spiraling mess I found myself in was the kick in the pants I needed to start searching elsewhere for answers.

What I discovered on my search changed my life forever. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade the hard but invaluable lessons I learned for anything in the world.

Step 2 – Repair the damage

As a Microbiologist, I know bacteria can wreak havoc with our bodies and cause more problems than you might see on the surface.

Unfortunately, antibiotics can attack the very part of your body you need most to resist infections: your immune system.

We talked previously about Step 1, which is stopping your infection, through antibiotic or alternative methods. Step 2 of my 3 Steps to Stop Staph and MRSA is all about repairing the damage done to your body by Staph and MRSA bacteria. This includes the toxins left behind, and eliminating biofilm structures to kill the infection at it’s core. Step 2 also includes counteracting the strong side effects of antibiotic drugs if you’ve taken them.

Catching MRSA may have been more than you bargained for. And as you’ve read in my reports, for long-term success, there’s a lot more to recovering from Staph or MRSA than just stopping your current infection.

That’s why Step 2 is so important. It gives you the tools you need to heal your body, get back your energy and feel better faster, no matter what treatment methods you choose to use.

Next time we’ll talk about the most important thing to look for in any MRSA treatment program if you want to keep your infection from coming back again and again.


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