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Are Staph bacteria living in your nose?

Nose Staph infections

MRSA in the nose

Staph and MRSA bacteria like warm, moist environments and commonly live in the nose

A favorite place for Staph and MRSA bacteria to live and grow is in your nose. Bacteria like Staph love moist and warm places like the nose, upper respiratory system, groin and arm pits. Staph can live in your nose and not cause a nose infection, however many people get sores and infections in their nose.

For kids, the nose can get a lot of “finger traffic” which can spread Staph bacteria around to other surfaces they touch. Because Staph aureus (the bacteria responsible for MRSA) live in the nose of about 30% of all people, it’s why Staph nose infections are one of the most common types of Staph infections.

Nasal Staph is so common that it’s the most likely place your doctor will test you for Staph or MRSA. If you have an active infection anyplace on your body, chances are the bacterial are also living in your nose too.

Controlling MRSA or Staph nose infections:

  • The skin in and around the nose is sensitive, especially if you have an active infection there. Many natural treatments have been very successful at stopping these infections, including tea tree oil applied several times per day. Most remedies should be diluted before applying to the nose to guard against burning and stinging. Delicate areas like the nose are also more prone to developing sensitivities to some natural remedies if used for too long a period of time.
  • Staph nose infections can become sinus infections. These types of infections are very challenging to address with traditional antibiotics because the sinuses are encompassed in bone. Biofilms are also a common issue for sinus infections. This is where my own Staph infections kept recurring for four years. Neti pot sinus rinses can be a very helpful way to control these infections.
  • Staph mouth infections can also occur because the mouth is another warm, moist area Staph and MRSA love. There are very simple powerful essential oil protocols that can help stop Staph in the mouth.
  • Be sure to support your body internally if you have nasal Staph. Infections like Staph and MRSA skin infections may have an internal component as well which can include “stealth” forms of the bacteria and biofilm formations, making them much more difficult to eliminate. Systemic or internal natural remedies can be just as important as using remedies at the site of the infection.
  • Both nose Staph and MRSA are can spread easily to other people or to other parts of your body. These bacteria spread by direct touch, from person to person or object to person. And as mentioned above, the nose can be a “high traffic” area.
  • If you have a positive test for nose Staph, you are either a carrier, or you may be actively infected. However, it’s possible to be a Staph or MRSA carrier and still test negative for nasal Staph. A MRSA carrier may harbor the bacteria on another area of their body and still test negative in their nose. In fact, many doctors now prefer the back of the throat as a more reliable Staph or MRSA test.

Michelle’s book MRSA Secrets Revealed includes protocols for naturally controlling Staph and MRSA in the mouth, nose and sinuses.


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