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How I Fended Off a Nasty Seasonal Bug

A Narrow Miss with a Nasty Bug

It’s that season again. No, not the holiday season – I mean the cold, flu and nasty bug season.

Fall and winter is the time when low vitamin D levels, kids going back to school and lots of holiday travel create the perfect storm for seasonal bugs to flourish and spread. And the risk is not just limited to the common cold and flu viruses. As the number of people traveling and shopping increase, so does the risk of catching community infections like MRSA, Strep, E. coli, norovirus and other germs.

Where Germs Hang Out

Crowd of peopleBefore I tell you about my own narrow miss, here’s a few travel tips that will help you stay safe. This time of year with people on the go and traveling for the holidays, there’s some high-risk surfaces and objects you’ll want to be aware of.
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Household cleaning with essential oils

oil blends

One of the biggest advantages of cleaning with essential oils is their safety and low toxicity.

Essential oils come in many different varieties, with a huge range of uses and benefits. One of the best day-to-day uses for essential oils is in cleaning and controlling bacteria in your home. There are several oils with strong antibacterial action that are ideal for killing bacteria on home surfaces and objects. Combining several of these oils together into a blend can provide more benefits than any single oil can provide by itself, as you’ll see in the recipes below.

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Brass surfaces kill superbugs

Brass surfaces may be going out of fashion, but brass could provide significant health benefits over more modern materials like stainless steel and plastic. Brass has been shown to reduce and kill bacteria quickly, according to a recent study published in Molecular Genetics of Bacteria. In contrast, bacteria can survive for weeks on steel and plastic surfaces.
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Meat safety tips for summer grilling

With summer finally here and the Fourth of July just a few days away, chances are you’ll be doing some backyard grilling soon. If you eat meat, then you know there’s nothing like the juicy taste of a freshly cooked burger, steak or chicken fresh of the barbecue grill.

You’ve probably heard that infection-causing bacteria can live on raw meat. And if that meat is handled improperly or not cooked at the right meat cooking temperatures, those bacteria can get inside your body and possibly cause an infection or food poisoning. In fact, bacteria like E. coli that are more commonly found on meat can cause dangerous and even life-threatening infections.
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Cleaning and MRSA disinfecting – the right way

Last week a man emailed me about how to kill bacteria in his home. Someone visited him who once had MRSA and he wanted to do everything he could to protect himself from becoming infected. He asked lots of questions about cleaning and MRSA disinfecting of suspect surfaces and objects in his home and how to get rid of any bacteria he might contact.
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Staph safety tips for hotel stays

Memorial Day marks the traditional beginning of the summer travel season. If you’re planning to travel over the holiday weekend or this summer, then chances are you’ll be spending some time is a hotel. While staying in a hotel provides a welcome break from cleaning chores, there are a few sanitation tips you’ll want to consider to reduce the risks of exposure to Staph and MRSA.
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