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Brass surfaces kill superbugs

Brass surfaces may be going out of fashion, but brass could provide significant health benefits over more modern materials like stainless steel and plastic. Brass has been shown to reduce and kill bacteria quickly, according to a recent study published in Molecular Genetics of Bacteria. In contrast, bacteria can survive for weeks on steel and plastic surfaces.
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MRSA on a farm near you?

A woman struggling with recurring infections recently asked me if the livestock farm she lived near could be causing her infections. She lives near a pig farm and suspected that her infections were somehow linked with the farm. As it turns out, a recent study of MRSA positive pig farms highlights the potential dangers of antibiotic resistant bacteria and airborne MRSA from contaminated farms.
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Vitamin D deficiency and risk of infection

The shorter and cooler days of Fall mean less time spent outdoors in the sun. Spending more time indoors will certainly make you lose your tan. But there’s a much more important thing you risk losing that can leave you more prone to winter colds, flu, other infections and possibly even MRSA colonization.

One of the most crucial nutrients your body needs to fight and resist infections is vitamin D. This vitamin plays a big role in helping you avoid and recover from infections. Not only does vitamin D contain antibacterial properties, it also mediates infection-fighting responses in your body’s immune system.
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Meat safety tips for summer grilling

With summer finally here and the Fourth of July just a few days away, chances are you’ll be doing some backyard grilling soon. If you eat meat, then you know there’s nothing like the juicy taste of a freshly cooked burger, steak or chicken fresh of the barbecue grill.

You’ve probably heard that infection-causing bacteria can live on raw meat. And if that meat is handled improperly or not cooked at the right meat cooking temperatures, those bacteria can get inside your body and possibly cause an infection or food poisoning. In fact, bacteria like E. coli that are more commonly found on meat can cause dangerous and even life-threatening infections.
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MRSA in dogs and cats

Pets and owners can pass MRSA & Staph to each other. Photo:PHIL/CDC

Pets and owners can pass MRSA & Staph to each other. Photo:PHIL/CDC

Staph and MRSA are a common part of today’s environment for both us and our pets. Because we are so close to our pets, bacteria like MRSA have an easy way to pass between our pets and us. Today I want to share a bit about natural ways of treating MRSA in dogs, cats and other pets as well as effective ways to protect against infections spreading back and forth.

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MRSA strikes another family member

This morning my cousin was diagnosed with a Mersa infection (more correctly known as MRSA). She likely got it from a recent hospital visit to see another family member. She had a small cut on her leg that hadn’t been getting better and she just got back from her doctor. Any break in your skin (a cut, scratch, scrape, etc) can provide easy entry for MRSA bacteria to get into your body.
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