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How to protect yourself from hospital infections

How to prevent hospital infections like ha-mrsa

HA-MRSA on the rise. Photo Credit: ©iStockPhoto/ poco_bw

Hospitals are supposed to be places where you get better, not places where you get sick. But hospitals and other healthcare facilities are breeding grounds for contagious Staph, MRSA, C. difficile, and other superbug infections. In fact, 90% of all MRSA infections start in hospitals as Healthcare-Associated MRSA (HA-MRSA).
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Can you ever get rid of MRSA completely?

MRSA carrier facts and myths

One of the biggest questions I hear from people with MRSA is “will I always be a MRSA carrier?” This is an important question because a MRSA carrier can spread the bacteria to their spouse, family members, friends and coworkers, even if they show no signs of infection.
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Is MRSA Contagious?

How easily is MRSA transmissible and how do most people catch it?

Is MRSA Contagious? There are plenty of scientific studies showing how contagious MRSA can be. MRSA can be spread through the air and the bacteria can live on surfaces for weeks or even longer. One of the best ways to gauge how is MRSA spreadable comes from real people’s stories about how they caught these infections.
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