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Are MRSA carrier Moms a risk to their babies?


MRSA bacteria

Study participants were tested for the presence of MRSA bacteria in their nose to see if they were a carrier.

I just ran across this MRSA study from Vanderbilt University Medical Center that examined pregnant moms. They wanted to see for mothers who were carriers of MRSA (an antibiotic resistant form of Staph aureus bacteria), would they pass MRSA bacteria along to their baby during birth, and would their baby then become infected?

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Families at higher risk when caring for a child with MRSA

A new study was released about caring for children with MRSA or Staph (and I’ve included some precaution tips below). This study shows that family members are nearly 10 times more likely to be colonized by MRSA bacteria if they have a child with a Staph infection in their household. The Washington University School of Medicine study also shows that household members are more likely to be colonized with Staph aureus than the general public as well (Arch Pediat Adoles Med. 2012; 166(6): 551-557).
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Natural remedy safety tips for children

Which herbal remedies for MRSA are safe for kids? How should natural methods be adjusted for Staph and MRSA infection in children?

There are hundreds of herbal products and remedies with limited or no safety studies for use with children. And, some herbs and natural products are best avoided for babies and small children due to known risks. Other products may be too strong for children, especially in regards to using them on their sensitive skin and they must be diluted from full strength.

Tips for natural remedies with children and babies

Below are general guidelines and tips for using supplements and natural products with children. Keep in mind that the product label should take precedence over any of the guidelines below. And always consult with a natural-minded physician before using natural remedies or supplements with children.

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Recent MRSA and Staph statistics and trends

Are MRSA infections on the rise, or are they beginning to decrease? Are MRSA and Staph more common in the elderly or in children?

Well, it depends…

To better understand the possible dangers of MRSA and Staph, it’s best to get a clear picture of the relevant statistics and trends. The answers to questions about MRSA and Staph statistics and specific facts about Staph depend on the context.
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Is MRSA Contagious?

How easily is MRSA transmissible and how do most people catch it?

Is MRSA Contagious? There are plenty of scientific studies showing how contagious MRSA can be. MRSA can be spread through the air and the bacteria can live on surfaces for weeks or even longer. One of the best ways to gauge how is MRSA spreadable comes from real people’s stories about how they caught these infections.
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