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Cranberries to the rescue for Staph and MRSA bladder infections

cranberries are antibacterial

Cranberry extracts have been proven to be antibacterial against both Staph and MRSA bacteria.

Here’s some “new” news for cranberries. While it’s been long known and well documented that cranberry juice helps soothe and control bladder infections, a recent study published in 2012 shows cranberry extracts inhibited the growth of multiple species of Staph bacteria, including MRSA.

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Diffusing essential oils for MRSA Staph: Benefits and tips

tea tree for diffusing

Essential oils can be diffused into the air. Diffusing creates tiny particles of oil which have been proven to reduce MRSA and Staph in the air

Therapeutic essential oils can be used in many different ways for support against MRSA Staph infections due to their antibacterial properties. Uses can include: bathing, skin application, internal use, cleaning, cooking and as ingredients in your soaps and personal care products.

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How lavender oil kept me out of the hospital

As a child I was highly allergic to wasp stings. Each sting was always worse than the last and eventually, a wasp sting meant a trip to the hospital. As a precaution, I began carrying an EpiPen (to prevent anaphylactic shock) in the outdoors in case of a sting.

A few years ago while camping in Colorado, I forgot to take along my EpiPen. On the last day or our trip, a bee flew in through the open window of the truck and stung me on the arm – the first sting I’d had in years.
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Manuka honey MRSA wound care

Manuka honey inhibits bacterial infections in multiple ways. Photo credit: USDA Scott Bauer

Manuka honey inhibits bacterial infections in multiple ways. Photo credit: USDA Scott Bauer

Manuka honey is one of my favorite home remedies for Staph and MRSA skin infections. Manuka honey is safe, inexpensive, easy to use and it can provide support against Staph and MRSA biofilms. And unlike essential oils and herbal products, it’s pretty easy to find high-quality Manuka honey products with the strength needed for stubborn infections.

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10 “radical” herbal cures from Dr. Oz

If you follow Dr. Oz, then you probably saw this week’s show about “radical cures”. The show had special guest Dr. Joe Mercola, a well-known natural medicine and alternative health advocate. In the second part of the show, the doctors revealed a top 10 list of herbs to prevent disease and slow aging. It was heartening to see that 5 of the 10 herbs mentioned are also on my A-list for controlling infections like Staph and MRSA.
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