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Preventing infections after surgery

On last nights Grey’s Anatomy Episode (titled “The Sleeping Monster”) the main theme was around the devastating impact a MRSA Infection can have on the carrier and those around her. The episode concentrated on surgically acquired MRSA Infections, how the CDC can get involved, and what it can do to those impacted by the situation. It’s not every day that they cover this story, or write in multiple deaths, so needless to say it was probably one of the more notable episodes they’ve filmed.
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Dr. Oz interview on medicine and faith

Yesterday on the Dr. Oz Show, Pastor Joel Osteen was interviewed about whether faith or prayer play a role in the healing process. It was a good show that looked at the both the scientific results and the actual experiences people have had with prayer and healing. To see the whole show online, visit: www.doctoroz.com/videos/joel-osteen-medical-miracles-pt-1
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MRSA strikes another family member

This morning my cousin was diagnosed with a Mersa infection (more correctly known as MRSA). She likely got it from a recent hospital visit to see another family member. She had a small cut on her leg that hadn’t been getting better and she just got back from her doctor. Any break in your skin (a cut, scratch, scrape, etc) can provide easy entry for MRSA bacteria to get into your body.
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Why MRSA testing is important

Bacterial culture Staph infection test - Photo credit: (c) iStockPhoto.com /Linde1

Almost every day I hear from someone afraid they might have MRSA or Staph because of the symptoms they have. Many people say they had never even heard of MRSA before they got sick. Unfortunately, many common Staph and MRSA symptoms are the same for other types of infections too.
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I just fired another doctor

4 years of Staph infection misery

I think we all should aspire to get the very best health care we can. We owe it to ourselves. And, who else is going to stand up for our health if it isn’t us? I feel this is especially important when you are dealing with MRSA Superbug infections, Staph infections, or any other serious health issue.
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Is your doctor helping or hurting?

Many doctors are stepping up to the plate and taking real steps to control MRSA, superbugs and Staph. It’s good to hear about doctors and hospitals that monitor and curb antibiotics use, saving these drugs for when they’re most needed. And some doctors are starting to see the value of natural treatments and give support to their patients who use alternative methods.
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