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What your doctor isn’t telling you

What training and experience does your doctor have? Photo Credit: ©iStockPhoto - bluestocking

If you have Staph or MRSA, your doctor is one of the most valuable resources you have. But there are crucial things about infections, antibiotics and your healthcare that your doctor is likely not telling you.

Your doctor is well educated and may have a lot of experience. But most Medical Doctors have little knowledge, training or experience with natural methods and are actually discouraged on multiple fronts from using them. And the treatments your doctor does prescribe can have major downsides that you’re probably never told about.

If you think you have MRSA, then requesting a MRSA test is an important first step. Finding a more experienced infection doctor or getting a second opinion could be very important. And knowing all your options and having a trusted friend or family member as a health advocate are critical.

Basically, if you want the best medical care, you need to be informed and proactive about your health. You also need to know the pitfalls of the healthcare system and what essential pieces of the treatment puzzle you’re not hearing about.

Check out my new page about what your doctor won’t tell you to learn more.

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