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The first challenge people have with Staph and MRSA

Even though Staph and MRSA are on the rise, these infections are not usually household terms. In fact, most people have little or no knowledge of Staph and MRSA before they get infected. The first big challenge most infection sufferers have is understanding just what it is they’re dealing with.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion, ignorance and many half-truths about Staph and MRSA. The internet can be hard to sort through and separate fact from myth. Even doctors and other medical professionals can be in the dark about proper diagnoses, treatment and prevention of these infections.

The first important step is proper diagnosis because MRSA is often diagnosed incorrectly. While knowing the symptoms of these infections and looking at pictures of this infection can be helpful, the only way to know if you have MRSA or not is to get tested.

The second step is to get a good doctor and to understand your doctor’s strengths and limitations. Finding the right doctor is especially important if you choose to use natural treatments.

Third, and most importantly, you need to be your own health advocate. This means understanding all your treatment options, from antibiotics to natural remedies. It means being proactive and involved with your doctor and your medical decisions. It also means doing your research and knowing what you’re dealing with.

To see a clearer picture of these infections, check out the top 7 MRSA Myths.

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