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Dr. Oz interview on medicine and faith

Yesterday on the Dr. Oz Show, Pastor Joel Osteen was interviewed about whether faith or prayer play a role in the healing process. It was a good show that looked at the both the scientific results and the actual experiences people have had with prayer and healing. To see the whole show online, visit: www.doctoroz.com/videos/joel-osteen-medical-miracles-pt-1

This topic is not for everyone. Nor should faith and prayer be considered substitutes for medical treatment. But the show did bring up some important points about the healing process that can apply to any illness, including infections like Staph and MRSA.

Medicine versus faith

Faith is a topic hardly ever talked about in the realm of science and mainstream medicine. But it’s a topic that many people say changed their lives and their health. It’s also a topic I’ve had personal experience with.

On the show, Dr. Oz shared his own experiences with faith and medicine, along with results from recent studies on the subject of prayer and healing. While the jury is still out on the scientific results about prayer, both Dr. Oz and Pastor Osteen have seen firsthand how people’s attitude affects the healing process. And the effects of emotions have strong and demonstrable effects on the immune system and your body’s healing ability.

The show made some important points about faith, prayer and healing:

  • While scientific studies may have not proved that prayer is effective, a positive attitude and outlook on a health challenge does seem to aid and speed the healing process.
  • Some people believe their faith in a higher power healed them from disease and injury.
  • There is room for both faith and medicine in the health process and people can benefit from both if they are open to it.

What was not covered on the show was how faith and your thoughts can affect your body and your immune system in unmistakable ways. The effects of stress on healing and how prayer and faith can counter these effects was also left out. These topics are worth looking at more closely. I’ll look forward to sharing more with you on this in the future.

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