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Prevention tips for flu season

With flu season in full swing, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself, especially in public places. If you have MRSA or Staph, then it’s that much more important to do what you can to ward off the flu.

Your immune system is your number one defense against viral infection like the flu. But if your defenses are already weakened from a Staph or MRSA infection, then the risk of catching a virus can be even higher.

A few weeks ago a young, healthy 17 year old boy from Texas died from a combination of the flu and a Staph infection. And my heart sure goes out to his family. This tragedy underscores how important it is to keep your immune system strong during the flu season, especially if you have an active Staph, MRSA or other infection.

Below are several easy yet effective ways to reduce your risk of the flu:

  • Maintenance antiviral remedies as a preventative. I always take maintenance levels of antiviral remedies while visiting public places in flu season. My favorites are essential oils and medicinal herbal blends. I use these remedies in small amounts daily all winter, and in higher amounts on days that I’m traveling or in crowded places.
  • Vitamin D. Some experts believe that seasonal flu and colds are more a result of winter vitamin D deficiency than any other factor. Vitamin D plays a pivotal role for your immune system, but most people don’t get nearly enough. It’s best to get tested to see how much D you need because too much can be unhealthy. I like to take at least 5000 I.U. of D3 per day during the winter.
  • Hand washing. It’s so simple that most people don’t do it. But it’s one of the best ways to protect against the flu. Simply washing your hands after touching high-touch surfaces, after visiting the bathroom, and before eating or touching your face is your easiest line of defense for the flu. If you’re on the go, a natural hand sanitizer is a great alternative.
  • Stress. Few factors affect your immune system more than stress. So do whatever you can to manage stress better during this winter season, including getting enough sleep.
  • Sugar. The quickest way to weaken your immune system is eating sugar. If you’re under the weather or might be getting sick, avoiding sugar and processed foods it one of the most effective things you can do to help your defenses.

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