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Summer health tips and precautions – staying safe while traveling

It’s summer time and for most Americans, young or old, that means a longed-for summer vacation. Most people will stay at a hotel, play in the ocean or pool, or relax on a beach and soak up some sun and cool breezes.

While summer vacations are certainly a time to savor and enjoy, there are health hazards like MRSA and Staph bacteria to be aware of.  Once confined to hospitals, these infections are growing more common in communities and places people enjoy. They can cause skin infections or more severe internal infections. There are other types of infections you may come into contact with as well.

Just in time for summer, I’ve created an info-graphic with some quick and easy summer precautions you can take. These precautions will help you and your family stay safe from infections, and you can find them here: Summer Safety Tips – Avoiding Infections.

While some may argue these tips sound alarmist, I feel it’s important to be informed about what to look for, what simple actions you can take to reduce your chances of exposure, and what to do if you see signs of an infection.

Many of us know someone who has had MRSA or Staph and most people do not even know about this infection until they get it (it can look like a spider bite or ingrown hair). These tips can help you and your family recognize it and avoid it, which will help you have a safer and healthier summer.

Be aware, be prepared, and know what to look for. Check out my new summer infection precautions graphic here: Summer Safety Tips.

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