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When antibiotics stop working

Kylee, and her first baby

kylee's mrsa treatment success storyI heard from a new mother from Wisconsin named Kylee who shared her MRSA experience with me.

Her story begins with the birth of her first baby. She went to the hospital for delivery, in what should have been a joyous event. Instead, while at the hospital, she caught MRSA through her IV line. Kylee was sent to the emergency room a week later and very nearly died.

Her antibiotics stopped working and her doctor didn’t know what else to do. And she had a newborn baby to worry about and wanted methods that were safe with infants.

Kylee stopped her infection successfully without relying on either antibiotics or “magic bullet” miracle cures. She got my book MRSA Secrets Revealed, and decided that natural methods offered the best hope of stopping her infection.

What worked for Kylee? Rather than relying on a single “miracle cure” approach, she discovered how natural remedies, her immune system, her diet, and her “internal environment” were all equally important to healing and preventing MRSA from coming back.

I’m very happy to report that Kylee stopped her infection and her baby is safe. She strengthened her body’s natural defenses to help push out her MRSA infection and keep it away. She did it by following a complete program of recovery that included boosting her immune system, rather than a “shot in the dark” remedy.

The best way to overcome MRSA and Staph

Unfortunately, Kylee’s story is not unusual. So, what do you do when your antibiotics don’t work?

It’s easy to get stuck in the cycle of antibiotics, recurring infections, and more antibiotics. It was a downward spiral for me when I had Staph. Doctors often just don’t know what else to do if antibiotics don’t work.

As appealing as reaching for a natural ‘magic bullet’ remedy might be, I’ve rarely seen that they work on their own. Staph and MRSA are smart little bugs and it takes more to get rid of them than a single remedy approach. You need to stop the infection AND prevent it from coming back again.

It takes a tactical, multiple-front approach for best results.

The best approach is to follow a 3-Step system that covers the many different kinds of MRSA and Staph infections. That system should also include repair and rebuilding of your body’s defenses to create your own natural infection resistance.

So, if you’re looking for a quick-fix miracle cure, then my 3-Step method is probably not for you. But if you’re ready for an approach that can stop Staph and MRSA for good, then take a good look at my 3 Step Infection-Free™ method now. This is how I stopped my own infections and how Kylee stopped hers.

To your health,
Michelle Moore

Click the link to discover my natural 3 Step Staph and MRSA recovery approach.

Microbiologist and Natural Health Expert
Author of the Natural MRSA Treatment Guidebook MRSA Secrets Revealed


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