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My mom’s ongoing recovery story

This week I heard another amazing report about green smoothies and healing from chronic disease. While I often hear testimonials about the benefits of green shakes with Staph and MRSA infections, this latest report came from my mother. Her story is about an autoimmune disease she has struggled with for years that had been getting worse (see below for her own testimonial).

For many years my mother has suffered from scleroderma, a progressive disease similar to arthritis. The hardened joints in her hands have been painful and it makes her unable to hold or grab things well. It’s also made it more difficult for her to paint or make pottery, which she loves, and none of her medications seemed to help her much. She did enjoy some joint relief by taking certain supplements for her immune system, especially omega-3 oils. But recently she added green smoothies to her diet and experienced the biggest improvement yet.

Just a few weeks after starting the green smoothies, my mom’s symptoms started to improve. Eating one green shake every day or two, she now has more joint movement than she has had in years. Better yet, by drinking green smoothies, she’s wanting to eat even more healthier foods as well as reducing her sugar intake. She’s noticed another big shift by cutting down on sugar. Sugar is a major contributor to inflammation in the body. If “super foods” do exist, then green smoothies have to be one of them.

When I told my Mom I wanted to share her good news with others on how diet can make such a big difference with chronic conditions, she wanted to share a few words of her own:

I am amazed at how the green smoothies have helped me.  Normally when I get out of bed in the morning the joints in my fingers, and hands are very swollen.  It would take about an hour for the swelling to go down enough to bend my fingers.  After having green smoothies for breakfast for such a short time, my fingers are not swollen, stiff and painful anymore.  I can actually bend my fingers and make a fist (something I haven’t been able to do for a long time).  On top of that, a side benefit is that I generally feel better and have more energy.

It’s remarkable how well our bodies can heal themselves from a range of ailments when we take care of our immune systems. I remember myself when I started eating raw foods, my body started craving them, and then I wanted to eat less sugar automatically. I see this is happening to my mom as well. Sometimes, the most simple and inexpensive “remedies” are the most powerful in the long run. My mom’s health challenges are still ongoing, but she’s more hopeful than she has been in years. She’s on a good path toward healing and she has experienced just how effective diet can be.

While eating more green shakes (click here for some yummy recipes) is no miracle cure for chronic diseases, it’s a great addition to an immune boosting diet, along with proper supplements, remedies (when necessary) and professional support for your specific ailment. But of all the diet changes for your immune system, I believe green smoothies are one of the easiest and most valuable changes you can make.

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