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New success story: 3 years MRSA free!

I regularly get emails from my customers, and I recently got some wonderful feedback about an MRSA success story. This one in particular really stands out. Why is that?

Because Eileen’s been MRSA-free for over 3 years now.

I first started helping people in early 2008 with my story, and experiences compiled into my site and book. But, because MRSA can be so hard to get rid of, I think long term success is one of the best ways to indicate a MRSA recovery. Natural or antibiotic treatments may resolve the infection for the short term, but finding relief in the long-term is really what everyone is after.

As you or a family member knows, having Staph or MRSA is downright scary and when your health is at stake, you’re looking for answers. Individuals, just like you, have come to us and have devoured the information on our site and in our book. They find relief… hope… their determination gets a boost. Well, that’s what happened for Eileen…

Eileen’s story started in 2008

Eileen first shared her story with me back in June 2008. Not only did she have cancer to start with, things got worse when she got MRSA too. She found the very simple but powerful techniques in the book to help her on her road to recovery.

June 2008: “The boil I got started to scare me and was starting to make me sick. My physician did a culture and that’s how we knew it was MRSA But, I am feeling so encouraged by what I am learning. You give such a well-rounded approach to fighting MRSA in a concise, easy to understand and wonderfully informative format. I would recommend your book to anyone! It really gives a lot of hope, so thank you very much!” *

Eileen wrote in recently to update me with her progress. She is thrilled to be MRSA free for over 3 years now and she shared a few things she thought made the most difference. She also continued working with her doctors through this process.

April 2011: “I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful book…I have just today referred two people to your website.  My incision wound was HUGE, but, within 2 weeks of using the poultices, it had completely healed (and it WASN’T healing before that.)  Oh…I also take one of the spices you mention every day. I have my energy back, and work on eating foods that nourish my body. I have remained MRSA free for 3 years now, and I know it is because of the information I gained in your book. I pray that you are well, and that many are taking advantage of your research and expertise.” *

Fortunately after talking to Eileen, she’s been doing great on all health fronts. I’m so happy she shared her story and gave me continued permission to share it. So, be on the lookout as I’ll be updating our MRSA success stories page with more details in the near future. Eileen and I have also created something very special to inspire you – I’ll be releasing it this fall.

But, you don’t need to wait to get started on your own success story. In minutes you can start applying the information in MRSA Secrets Revealed and restoring your quality of life.

To your best health,

Microbiologist and Natural Health Expert
Author of several holistic Staph and MRSA guidebooks and products


* Disclaimer: Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. The customer testimonials used are often exceptional results and don’t apply to the average purchaser. As all health issues have inherent risk, our information and testimonials are not intended to infer or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. View our full testimonial disclaimer by clicking here.



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