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Find out how safe your prescription drugs are on Rxisk.org

Antibiotics and most other drugs can have negative side effects that are important to know about. The risk of negative side effects can be even higher if you’re taking multiple medications. Your doctor may review some of the side effects of a drug while prescribing it, but often this crucial information is brushed over or not reviewed in detail.

While side effects for drugs is available from the FDA’s website and on the product insert for your prescription, this information can be challenging to find and understand. There’s a new website called Rxisk.org which uses the FDA’s drug information and presents it is an easy to understand visual layout. They also license drug information from a professional healthcare information provider. Their online database, reports, information and interactive learning features make it easier for you to find out the safety and risks of the drugs you take.

One of the most interesting things about the Rxisk website is the database of drug side effects collected from real-world people taking each drug.

You can also report drug side effects yourself anonymously to the website and your experiences will be added to their growing database. The website uses its database along with your particular data to prepare a free Rxist report for you. The report estimates the likelihood that you’re experiencing a drug side effect and other helpful information.

To see all the data they’ve collected on drug side effects, you’ll have to register on the website for free. It’s a great resource that can help you better understand the safety of your prescriptions and antibiotics and it’s well worth the time to register. Find out more here: Rxisk.org

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