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What does holistic really mean?

I often talk with people who have gone through mainstream medical treatments that have failed them. They’ve hit a wall with antibiotics and are looking for alternatives. They are looking for a better approach for handling their infection. While they may be ready to try a holistic approach, they often keep the same mindset that got them into trouble with mainstream medicine in the first place.

Holistic goes beyond replacing an antibiotic with a natural remedy. It’s about coming at the whole infection from a completely different angle. It’s an angle that mainstream medicine completely misses. It’s about pulling back the curtain to reveal what’s going on behind the scenes of your infection. Once you see the profound, innate intelligence inside your body responding to the infection, you can support that response.

Treatments and remedies are still important and they have their place. But they only address the outward signs of an infection, not the cause. It’s like cutting the tail off a salamander. You may slow the salamander down, but that tail will grow back in no time.

Holistic is flexible

You can use a holistic treatment style without becoming an alternative health fanatic. If you choose to use antibiotics and mainstream therapies, a holistic approach simply addresses your immune system and the root cause of your infection too. It’s just a matter of not relying on treatments alone to handle the problem. It’s about being flexible and seeing things from a bigger perspective and using the right tool for the right job.

Whether you use essential oils, Manuka honey or antibiotics, it’s equally important to support your body’s inherent defenses. It’s just as important to identify conditions inside your body that allowed the infection to take root and take steps to put things back into balance. Such a holistic approach can do more than help you overcome an infection, it will also set you up for better overall health and quality of life.

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