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Biofilms and their role in recurring infection

“Biofilms” linked to recurring infections

The intelligence and ingenuity of bacteria never cease to amaze me. Bacteria are especially good at hiding in your body and evading the treatments used to kill them. That’s why Staph and MRSA superbug infections can be so hard to treat. It’s also a key reason why Staph and MRSA infections can recur over and over.
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I just fired another doctor

4 years of Staph infection misery

I think we all should aspire to get the very best health care we can. We owe it to ourselves. And, who else is going to stand up for our health if it isn’t us? I feel this is especially important when you are dealing with MRSA Superbug infections, Staph infections, or any other serious health issue.
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Antibiotic resistant Staph bacteria found in meat

Handle raw meath with proper precautions

Handle raw meat with proper care. Photo Credit: CDC James Gathany

Last week ScienceDaily.com reported that 47% of supermarket meat samples of beef, chicken, turkey and pork were contaminated with Staph aureus, and of half of those Staph aureus strains were antibiotic resistant Staph bacteria.

DNA testing of the Staph suggests the majority of the Staph contamination originates from the animals and not people. This was the first ever national meat supply assessment looking for Staph aureus, the bacteria responsible for MRSA, and it was published in the journal of Clinical Infectious Disease.

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Is your doctor helping or hurting?

Many doctors are stepping up to the plate and taking real steps to control MRSA, superbugs and Staph. It’s good to hear about doctors and hospitals that monitor and curb antibiotics use, saving these drugs for when they’re most needed. And some doctors are starting to see the value of natural treatments and give support to their patients who use alternative methods.
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Recurring infections: why some succeed and others fail

Almost daily I hear a story from someone who’s stopped their Staph or MRSA infection using a natural treatment approach. I love hearing these stories. However, if you’re looking for a cure for MRSA or Staph, you need to keep these two factors in mind: treatment techniques vs. principles of optimal health. For your best long-term success, be sure your treatment includes both.
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Antibiotic resistant MRSA and Staph survival strategies

Bacteria are smart, antibiotics are dumb

10 years ago, when I worked for a dental drug company, antibiotic resistance was a big concern. The products we made contained Doxycycline and other antibiotics, and if the bacteria became resistant to those antibiotics, our products wouldn’t work anymore.
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