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Is your food helping or hurting your recovery?

Have you heard the sayings “you are what you eat” or “food is medicine”? Last night I watched one of the best movies I’ve seen about food and its impact on recovery from disease.

How do your foods affect your health and immune system?

If you’ve been researching about MRSA and Staph, then you may know that sugar feeds infections. You might also know that certain food, like shiitake mushrooms, garlic and turmeric, can help support your body and kill invading bacteria. And you may know that artificial ingredients, pesticides and food additives can tax your body and slow down your recovery.

While changing your diet is no miracle cure for MRSA, it is often a mandatory part of stopping any chronic disease issues you may have. Nutritionists and doctors who study foods and nutrition know this to be true. And, I’ve seen this time and time again for those dealing with recurring infections. No matter how strong or effective your infection treatments may be, you’ll likely be fighting an uphill battle unless you also consider the food you eat.

The movie I just watched is called “Food Matters” and it covers many of the food and diet principles I write about in my book. This captivating and easy to understand movie shows why the foods you eat are so crucial to recovery, why the nutritional value of food is critical for health, and how food can be used as medicine. It was one of the best DVDs I’ve seen for easily explaining how important food is to your health. See below for the link.

The movie also affirmed what I know to be true. That you have to take responsibility for your own health and that means learning and educating yourself.

I think you’ll get a lot out of this movie, no matter how much you already know about nutrition or natural medicine. It’s encouraging to see such important information about health and healing presented so professionally and that this type of information is becoming more widely known. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.

You can see the movie trailer and get the DVD at the following site: www.FoodMatters.tv

To your health,

Microbiologist and Natural Health Expert
Author of MRSA Secrets Revealed

PS: I found many gems during the 4 years it took me to stop my recurring Staph infections. Diet had one of the biggest impacts on my long-term success. That’s why I have several chapters on diet and the immune system, in addition to the many strong natural treatments that have had great success. Click here to learn more about my MRSA Secrets Revealed book.


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