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Health benefits of fermented foods – a probiotic alternative?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about probiotics on TV, the internet and at your local grocery store lately. Over the past few years, new studies and research around the globe have been shedding light on the important role played by “good” bacterial living on and inside your body. In fact, up to 80% of your body’s immune system is linked to the good probiotic bacterial flora living in your gut and on your skin. Your gut flora also plays a critical role in making nutrients your body needs to survive and be healthy.
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My mom’s ongoing recovery story

This week I heard another amazing report about green smoothies and healing from chronic disease. While I often hear testimonials about the benefits of green shakes with Staph and MRSA infections, this latest report came from my mother. Her story is about an autoimmune disease she has struggled with for years that had been getting worse (see below for her own testimonial).
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The toxic effects of sugar

Your probably know that sugar and sweets can lead to gaining weight. But sugar also has a much darker side. Sugar depresses your immune system, making it easier to catch infections and harder to get rid of them. And now sugar has been linked to a host of diseases that collectively constitute the biggest threat to worldwide health.

A revealing article in this month’s issue of Nature exposed the true dangers of eating too much sugar, especially if you have infections like Staph and MRSA. And the potential risks of eating a lot of sugar go way beyond infections and weight gain.
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An immune-boosting soup recipe

There are lots of books on “healthy” diets, alkaline pH diets and raw food diets. If you’re struggling with an infection, the most important diet you can follow is one that fortifies and maintains your body’s immune system.

While there are many immune-boosting foods, there are some that can do even more. Some foods do double duty by helping kill bacteria like MRSA or Staph, in addition to helping support your natural immunity.
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Natural remedy safety tips for children

Which herbal remedies for MRSA are safe for kids? How should natural methods be adjusted for Staph and MRSA infection in children?

There are hundreds of herbal products and remedies with limited or no safety studies for use with children. And, some herbs and natural products are best avoided for babies and small children due to known risks. Other products may be too strong for children, especially in regards to using them on their sensitive skin and they must be diluted from full strength.

Tips for natural remedies with children and babies

Below are general guidelines and tips for using supplements and natural products with children. Keep in mind that the product label should take precedence over any of the guidelines below. And always consult with a natural-minded physician before using natural remedies or supplements with children.

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