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Summer health tips and precautions – staying safe while traveling

It’s summer time and for most Americans, young or old, that means a longed-for summer vacation. Most people will stay at a hotel, play in the ocean or pool, or relax on a beach and soak up some sun and cool breezes.

While summer vacations are certainly a time to savor and enjoy, there are health hazards like MRSA and Staph bacteria to be aware of.  Once confined to hospitals, these infections are growing more common in communities and places people enjoy. They can cause skin infections or more severe internal infections. There are other types of infections you may come into contact with as well.
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Diffusing essential oils for MRSA Staph: Benefits and tips

tea tree for diffusing

Essential oils can be diffused into the air. Diffusing creates tiny particles of oil which have been proven to reduce MRSA and Staph in the air

Therapeutic essential oils can be used in many different ways for support against MRSA Staph infections due to their antibacterial properties. Uses can include: bathing, skin application, internal use, cleaning, cooking and as ingredients in your soaps and personal care products.

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Cleaning and MRSA disinfecting – the right way

Last week a man emailed me about how to kill bacteria in his home. Someone visited him who once had MRSA and he wanted to do everything he could to protect himself from becoming infected. He asked lots of questions about cleaning and MRSA disinfecting of suspect surfaces and objects in his home and how to get rid of any bacteria he might contact.
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Staph safety tips for hotel stays

Memorial Day marks the traditional beginning of the summer travel season. If you’re planning to travel over the holiday weekend or this summer, then chances are you’ll be spending some time is a hotel. While staying in a hotel provides a welcome break from cleaning chores, there are a few sanitation tips you’ll want to consider to reduce the risks of exposure to Staph and MRSA.
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My mom’s ongoing recovery story

This week I heard another amazing report about green smoothies and healing from chronic disease. While I often hear testimonials about the benefits of green shakes with Staph and MRSA infections, this latest report came from my mother. Her story is about an autoimmune disease she has struggled with for years that had been getting worse (see below for her own testimonial).
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How lavender oil kept me out of the hospital

As a child I was highly allergic to wasp stings. Each sting was always worse than the last and eventually, a wasp sting meant a trip to the hospital. As a precaution, I began carrying an EpiPen (to prevent anaphylactic shock) in the outdoors in case of a sting.

A few years ago while camping in Colorado, I forgot to take along my EpiPen. On the last day or our trip, a bee flew in through the open window of the truck and stung me on the arm – the first sting I’d had in years.
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Are Staph and MRSA living on your clothes?

MRSA, Staph and other infecting bacteria can live on towels, clothing and can contaminate the inside of washing machines. MRSA laundry contamination provides an easy route for the bacteria to spread from person to person, or to re-contaminate a person who was recently infected. Did you know there are simple and inexpensive ways to reduce MRSA on clothing during washing and drying?
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