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Natural remedy safety tips for children

Which herbal remedies for MRSA are safe for kids? How should natural methods be adjusted for Staph and MRSA infection in children?

There are hundreds of herbal products and remedies with limited or no safety studies for use with children. And, some herbs and natural products are best avoided for babies and small children due to known risks. Other products may be too strong for children, especially in regards to using them on their sensitive skin and they must be diluted from full strength.

Tips for natural remedies with children and babies

Below are general guidelines and tips for using supplements and natural products with children. Keep in mind that the product label should take precedence over any of the guidelines below. And always consult with a natural-minded physician before using natural remedies or supplements with children.

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Using Staph and MRSA supplements in health care facilities

The time when you need the most support for your body and immune system is when you are dealing with a health condition like MRSA or Staph. Unfortunately, getting that support using your favorite Staph or MRSA herbal remedies and natural products can be a big challenge inside hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities.
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MRSA sinus infections: can nasal irrigation help?

You may have heard that many people use nasal irrigation for help with allergy relief. But rinsing your sinuses can be a big help for Staph and MRSA sinusitis, as well as other sinus infections. Nasal irrigation can take some getting used to at first. But once you’ve done it a few times, nasal irrigation is quick, easy and can be an important part of MRSA sinus infection control.
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MRSA strikes another family member

This morning my cousin was diagnosed with a Mersa infection (more correctly known as MRSA). She likely got it from a recent hospital visit to see another family member. She had a small cut on her leg that hadn’t been getting better and she just got back from her doctor. Any break in your skin (a cut, scratch, scrape, etc) can provide easy entry for MRSA bacteria to get into your body.
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Stopping Staph and MRSA permanently

Staph and MRSA infections often recur over and over again and antibiotics do nothing to stop this recurring cycle. Even natural remedies, no matter how potent, are usually insufficient by themselves to stop MRSA and keep it from recurring too. The truth is, most people need a systematic method to get rid of MRSA and Staph for good.
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