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Families at higher risk when caring for a child with MRSA

A new study was released about caring for children with MRSA or Staph (and I’ve included some precaution tips below). This study shows that family members are nearly 10 times more likely to be colonized by MRSA bacteria if they have a child with a Staph infection in their household. The Washington University School of Medicine study also shows that household members are more likely to be colonized with Staph aureus than the general public as well (Arch Pediat Adoles Med. 2012; 166(6): 551-557).
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Summer health tips and precautions – staying safe while traveling

It’s summer time and for most Americans, young or old, that means a longed-for summer vacation. Most people will stay at a hotel, play in the ocean or pool, or relax on a beach and soak up some sun and cool breezes.

While summer vacations are certainly a time to savor and enjoy, there are health hazards like MRSA and Staph bacteria to be aware of.  Once confined to hospitals, these infections are growing more common in communities and places people enjoy. They can cause skin infections or more severe internal infections. There are other types of infections you may come into contact with as well.
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Are Staph and MRSA living on your clothes?

MRSA, Staph and other infecting bacteria can live on towels, clothing and can contaminate the inside of washing machines. MRSA laundry contamination provides an easy route for the bacteria to spread from person to person, or to re-contaminate a person who was recently infected. Did you know there are simple and inexpensive ways to reduce MRSA on clothing during washing and drying?
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MRSA in dogs and cats

Pets and owners can pass MRSA & Staph to each other. Photo:PHIL/CDC

Pets and owners can pass MRSA & Staph to each other. Photo:PHIL/CDC

Staph and MRSA are a common part of today’s environment for both us and our pets. Because we are so close to our pets, bacteria like MRSA have an easy way to pass between our pets and us. Today I want to share a bit about natural ways of treating MRSA in dogs, cats and other pets as well as effective ways to protect against infections spreading back and forth.

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Spider bite or MRSA?

Spider bites and MRSA share many of the same symptoms, especially in the early stages. As a result, MRSA is often misdiagnosed as a spider bite by doctors.

Most spiders in the U.S. are actually harmless. In fact, most spiders are unable to bite humans at all. The two big exceptions are black widow and brown recluse spiders, both of which are dangerous. Being bitten by a spider can easily go unnoticed. Sometimes the bite of a spider feels like a pin prick. Fortunately, it’s relatively rare to get bitten by spiders, especially the dangerous ones.
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The toxic effects of sugar

Your probably know that sugar and sweets can lead to gaining weight. But sugar also has a much darker side. Sugar depresses your immune system, making it easier to catch infections and harder to get rid of them. And now sugar has been linked to a host of diseases that collectively constitute the biggest threat to worldwide health.

A revealing article in this month’s issue of Nature exposed the true dangers of eating too much sugar, especially if you have infections like Staph and MRSA. And the potential risks of eating a lot of sugar go way beyond infections and weight gain.
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