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Antibiotic resistant MRSA and Staph survival strategies

Bacteria are smart, antibiotics are dumb

10 years ago, when I worked for a dental drug company, antibiotic resistance was a big concern. The products we made contained Doxycycline and other antibiotics, and if the bacteria became resistant to those antibiotics, our products wouldn’t work anymore.
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Lessons learned from falling off the “diet” wagon

A potent reminder about immune boosting foods

I do my best to practice what I preach. But about a month ago, I “fell off the diet wagon” with one of the top 5 diet changes I always urge people with a Staph infection or MRSA to make. Luckily, my diet is back to normal now, and I re-learned a valuable lesson along the way.
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Can you ever get rid of MRSA completely?

MRSA carrier facts and myths

One of the biggest questions I hear from people with MRSA is “will I always be a MRSA carrier?” This is an important question because a MRSA carrier can spread the bacteria to their spouse, family members, friends and coworkers, even if they show no signs of infection.
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When antibiotics stop working

Kylee, and her first baby

kylee's mrsa treatment success storyI heard from a new mother from Wisconsin named Kylee who shared her MRSA experience with me.

Her story begins with the birth of her first baby. She went to the hospital for delivery, in what should have been a joyous event. Instead, while at the hospital, she caught MRSA through her IV line. Kylee was sent to the emergency room a week later and very nearly died.
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Is MRSA Contagious?

How easily is MRSA transmissible and how do most people catch it?

Is MRSA Contagious? There are plenty of scientific studies showing how contagious MRSA can be. MRSA can be spread through the air and the bacteria can live on surfaces for weeks or even longer. One of the best ways to gauge how is MRSA spreadable comes from real people’s stories about how they caught these infections.
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Do antibiotics increase your risk for Staph and MRSA?

MRSA, miracle drugs and mighty mutations

When they were first discovered and used for treating infections in the 1940’s, antibiotic drugs were hailed as “miracle drugs”. And they were! They saved countless lives, and thank goodness we had them. Because antibiotics worked so well, doctors began prescribing them heavily instead of the natural treatment methods that were more common at the time.

Within the first couple years, bacteria mutated and began to learn how to resist these drugs. They started “fighting back” and became immune to the very drugs created to kill them. Thus the problem of antibiotic resistance was borne.
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Oregano essential oil: A potent ally against MRSA and Staph infections

oregano leaves

Oregano oil is powerful against both Staph and MRSA infections.

Essential oils are one of the most versatile natural medicines that I’ve had the pleasure of using for the last 10 years or so. These natural plant essences are chemically complex and can be quite potent when it comes to killing bacteria. Of the hundreds of different essential oils, oregano oil is well documented and best known for controlling bacterial infections. It’s been used as a natural MRSA and Staph treatment. In fact, I consider oregano to be one of the “big gun” essential oils for controlling infections like Staph and MRSA, and I consider it a potent natural remedy.

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Common antibacterial agent now under investigation

good hygiene is important for controlling mrsa staph infection

Are common antibacterial soaps worth the risk? (Photo credit: CDC/Dawn Arlotta, Cade Martin)

For years I’ve been a strong supporter of natural soaps, sanitizers and other products that don’t contain antibacterial agents. Now the U.S. FDA and EPA are finally coming to the same conclusion.

The FDA announced recently that it will be looking into the safety concerns of Triclosan, an antibacterial agent commonly found in soaps, sanitizers, toys, clothing, home products and even toothpastes.
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