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Liver support to speed infection recovery

Your liver plays many important roles to keep you alive and healthy, especially after an infection. The liver helps flush bacterial toxins from your body following an infection. It also removes toxins you pick up from the environment, from foods you eat and from taking antibiotic drugs. The nourishment you get from eating food enters your blood by way of the liver, making it a key link in feeding your body’s immune system.
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Brass surfaces kill superbugs

Brass surfaces may be going out of fashion, but brass could provide significant health benefits over more modern materials like stainless steel and plastic. Brass has been shown to reduce and kill bacteria quickly, according to a recent study published in Molecular Genetics of Bacteria. In contrast, bacteria can survive for weeks on steel and plastic surfaces.
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What does holistic really mean?

I often talk with people who have gone through mainstream medical treatments that have failed them. They’ve hit a wall with antibiotics and are looking for alternatives. They are looking for a better approach for handling their infection. While they may be ready to try a holistic approach, they often keep the same mindset that got them into trouble with mainstream medicine in the first place.
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